Re-ordering of Pots

Hi All, it would be really handy if we was able to move our pots up and down / re-order them. Because rite now if I want a pot at the top of my list I either have to change it’s name and move the funds or delete other pots so the one I want move moves up to where I want it to be.

Ben ,

This from my understanding is all ready being worked on and is possible very close to being released.

There is a thread on this topic already.

It’s coming soon

That’s great, they would save much more computer space by this development due to us not having to keep making and deleting pots just to get them in the order we all want. ps, Happy Easter. :slight_smile:

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I assume you’re on iOS?

Yes :slight_smile:

No worries, just wanted to quickly check as Android have this now :slight_smile:

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Let’s keep further discussion in the existing topic referenced above.