Posting the same complaint repeatedly in different threads

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Is that happening though? I know that I’ve not noticed it. By which I mean I’ve not noticed any particular individuals spoiling anything (I’ve definitely noticed occasional Apple Pay posts).

The community guidelines are there to prevent that which is unacceptable, not that which is ‘good.’

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Haha. Sort of; but in a slightly less painful and destructive way :face_with_head_bandage:l :confounded:

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I think free speech within limits is important, so if people want to moan about Apple, Orange or Purple Pay then that’s their prerogative. It’s a forum for God’s sake most people come on here to moan about things. Long may it continue! Not unless people want to block free speech because they don’t like it. Happened in Germany if I remember correctly and look what happened there…


A little bit OTT don’t you think. Moaning here comes from same voices again and again and that’s what @alexs is talking about. No one wants to block anything without any reason.

This community is not for the absolute free speech, by the way, you know well as a Regular here, that is a code of conduct and Monzo have every right to block what they don’t see fit. Afterall it’s their community.

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It is (for me). When people moan about something they don’t like, even though it’s been fully discussed elsewhere, it’s irritating and boorish. Overall I’ve found the forum less enjoyable over the last few months because of the volume of complaints that are simply moaning about something the person has already discussed elsewhere. They know it won’t change anything.

I don’t think anyone’s suggested that people be prevented discussing any particular topic. The problem being discussed now is that some people will raise a concern/dislike, have it fully discussed in a thread, but then they will continue to hijack other threads to repeat the complaint. This serves absolutely no purpose as it won’t change anything, but it’s annoying and rude to others who are interested in actual discussion.

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If users spam (multiple threads on the same topic at the same time) or deliberately troll (posts intended to annoy other users), you should warn them and move posts etc.

If users post in good faith about a feature which has been promised for years, you should IMO ignore it and move on, not attempt to interfere with their posts, hide them or downgrade them. I personally found it annoying having threads which were perfectly on topic moved off the spending feedback thread, though I didn’t bother to complain about it, so moderating too heavily also has risks in alienating customers trying to use this forum to discuss Monzo. I feel personally there’s a little too much moving threads around here, but understand the impulse to do so.

This forum is for Monzo users to discuss features and give feedback to Monzo on how they’re doing, and part of that is to let them know that users are impatient for features, or to add our voice to the chorus asking for a particular thing (be that joint accounts, custom categories or apple pay). That’s healthy and not something to be discouraged IMO. As a mod, you’ll feel unusually jaded about such threads, but that’s because you’re here all the time - the vast majority of users are not here all the time.

I haven’t really posted on Apple Pay threads, but I certainly don’t begrudge other users doing so, as there are many users you are impatient for this feature and wish to know what is going on as every month passes, because the messaging from Monzo on this has been terrible (I’m sure they have reasons, but it’s been incredibly confusing and opaque).

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Ok, thanks for sharing this feedback.

I agree with everything else that you’ve said in that post but it’s all off-topic or been covered by the earlier comments in this thread.

I have no problem merging new topics from new users into existing threads :slight_smile: If you ever feel that a topic shouldn’t have been merged, please do send the Leader a DM, we will get this wrong sometimes.

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We need more posts/threads about people complaining about what others post! :clap:t3:

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I don’t mind new users coming on and having genuine questions about it which they might not be able to find in FAQ, but requesting for Apple Pay with some regulars in between random updates is an old (fruit related) joke that isn’t funny anymore :woman_shrugging:t2: since I see it so much on forums and Slack.

Not really a “how dare people mention it” but more of a “let’s ignore and go to another thread”. I see no point interacting with it and I guess it would put some people off since it’s on every thread. Props to Leaders for merging :ok_hand:t3:. I really like the staff-driven threads on here now, the rest no longer appeal to me. Can we get some nice discussions about fintech and other apps/ interests?

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The problem is that it often sets users off & derails the thread. Or even if we merge the post, it bumps the Apple Pay topic & we have another round of discussion. Or the comment is part of a valid post & moving it would break the thread..

So it would make everyone’s lives easier if the comment wasn’t posted in the first place.

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I’ve got a crazy idea… Why don’t we just, let people post stuff, if it’s off topic, lock it. The idea of splitting and merging topics can be really confusing & bump old threads up with no added benefit.

Sometimes posts go on for too long.

Or y’know just crack on with letting people post what they want, so long as it’s not against the rules?

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I agree with everything else that you’ve said in that post but it’s all off-topic or been covered by the earlier comments in this thread.

I disagree it’s off-topic or already covered, the question was pretty open and there are different forms of repetitive content, and I don’t feel that’s a very helpful way to engage with a post replying to the question which you yourself posed. Moderating should be more about listening and guiding than telling or debating or shifting threads around - it’s about setting the tone (and I say this as the moderator of communities elsewhere).

I have no problem merging new topics from new users into existing threads

I think it’s been a bit heavy handed at times, as an example the repeated moving of posts on other topics which directly relate to those topics into an old thread named with casual disregard ‘custom categories - 1’. It’s not a huge deal and meta topics are typically pretty boring so I haven’t bothered commenting on it previously.

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We don’t want to stop discussion if we don’t have to.

If there’s room for improvement, I think we should consider it, don’t you?

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Well, I wish as much as you that everyone would use the search tool and post in exactly the right thread but it happens/ people like trolling sometimes. When I say “ignore and move to another thread” I’m also saying (like you) it discourages convos about related topics and derails it entirely- my personal nightmare thread was the ATM fees one.

It would be impossible to stop it from happening at all, but I think most people are generally receptive and civic-minded enough if you drop them a DM informing them.

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I agree, I just wanted to have this discussion first to make sure that it’s not just me who’s bothered by this.

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No, honestly, I don’t… You can’t micromanage what you want, you can run a community forum as some sort of regimented place.

The best solution? Delete the post, and message the person that made it - telling them that maybe we don’t need Apple Pay posts all the time.

To be honest, I’m quite surprised to see this sort of topic here on this community - I guess I expected better? I don’t see why you’re so keen to almost restrict the open discussion on here - is this the new direction of the Leaders? Is this the opinion of Monzo as a whole?

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On the one hand you’re saying we should just delete users posts.

On the other hand you’re complaining that we’re having a discussion about this.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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No. I’m saying, if you really want to do it - which I don’t agree with - then delete the post instead of splitting them into other topics, and move the moderation of them to DMs.

Personally, I think the community will tend to just reply with a brief outline of where the thing in question is at, or will just gloss over it.

The idea is that the community is self-monitoring, not some sort of place where we “outlaw” certain discussions by making threads moaning about people posting the same thing all the time.

But then again, what do I know - I’m just a lowly Member.