Why was the Apple Pay thread locked?

I understand why posts were merged here from 2018 blog post thread but why lock it?

It was locked in December by @simonb . Here is the point it was locked originally.

Why merge everything to a locked thread then?

I can’t answer that question really. Lots of similar threads, or threads about the same subjects are merged regularly on the forum to enable easier searching for information and keeping similar topics together I think.

Just seems odd to move an active discussion into a locked thread when really it was less speculation and more people voicing their frustration. :man_shrugging:

I merged the Apple Pay posts from the highjacked 2018 blog post into a closed topic - closed some time ago because there aren’t any updates.

The last post was some hours before I did that, so I was not stunting or censoring discussion.


I mean I disagree that hours can be considered enough time for a conversation closed but fair enough.

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When they state they feel it’s run it’s course, they actually mean there are too many negative comments :kissing:


The thread was originally locked because it was descending into chaos. Apple Pay is a highly requested feature, but we don’t have any news to share on any progress towards it or any kind of ETA right now. We understand that may be disappointing to some.

It’s not about negative comments. We welcome and appreciate comments that some may consider negative because we see them as an opportunity to learn and grow! That’s always been our stance and will continue to be.

What is a problem, however, is when speculation starts getting taken as fact, and passionate forum members with different opinions start getting worked up about those speculations. It’s not conducive to a healthy and welcoming environment.