Monzo current account update?

(Scott) #1

How will we know when there is an update for the monzo CA will this be in the test flight?

Thanks :+1::smiley:

(Colin Robinson) #2

They have been known to send out emails :grinning:

(Scott) #3

Great thanks again :blush: I will keep my eyes peeled for an email for next update then

(Nick) #4

When is the next update due?

(Scott) #5

Any news on this? When’s the current account update coming anyone any the wiser? :wink:



“You won’t need an app update” Apple Pay? It can be set up independently from the app by manually adding the card number to Wallet.


It is thought that Starling Bank is announcing SamsungPay on Tuesday, also.

(Tony Hoyle) #9

I’m not getting the ‘magical’ reference though. Catching up with a feature every other bank has isn’t magical.

I thought maybe the version 2.0 app with lots of new features, but then he said no app upgrade needed.


I just checked his Twitter and he posted a screenshot of what looks like Monzo Android app’s icon, so it actually might be Android Pay instead (though they are technically the same so Apple Pay won’t be that far behind).

(Tony Hoyle) #11

Not sure I’d read too much into that… that’s the prepay app icon not the current account icon.

(Joe) #12

John Lewis’ Partnership card just got Apple Pay, Apple seem to do these things in batches… but I was thinking Android pay would be supported first.


I agree that apple pay isn’t “magical” but is more of an expected feature of most banks at this point. Yes it will be really nice to have it and would be even better if it was done like Starling(button in app to add the card) but definitely not “magical”

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