Monzo transparency

I’m disappointed. For a company who prides itself on being open and transparent you have recently been so blatantly opaque and, honestly, it’s the kind of behaviour I have come to expect from legacy banks and absolutely not what I went #fullmonzo for.

Although I am mostly referring to the Apple Pay debacle, this isn’t intended to be the usual nonsense which can be confined to the existing Apple Pay thread, instead it is honest feedback and a request for some transparency on why Monzo is failing to meet the high standards we have come to expect.

Today, you accidentally switched on Apple Pay presumably too early before quickly realising your mistake providing only a paltry but still opaque apology as to what is going on.

It all makes very little sense so it would be great to hear some official answers on this.


Where’s the yawn emjoi? I can’t believe how big a deal lots of people appear to be making. How longs it been since this “accident”? 30 mins/1hr? Its not as if payments are down.


Monzo has been transparent on pretty much everything they can, besides AML/KYC and Apple Pay due to NDA.

What else can they do? They can’t just break the NDA…


Well, they just did. But either way, what NDA? That’s just a theory, and although it may go some way to explain the lack of transparency, it hasn’t prevented many other banks from announcing their intention to add Apple Pay before it actually launches.

I’m sure there will be a statement. Give them time to get it together. These things can’t be put together instantly


Let’s not rehash the various Apple Pay debates again.

I thought this from @simonb, though in a different context, sets things out quite clearly:


They need to brief staff first and come up with the plan / fix the issue before hand.

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Here we go again.

You are referring entirely to Apple Pay, because they are transparent everywhere else.

Please don’t reopen a conversation that has been had a million times.


I’ve dealt with Apple about similar matters and I can tell you there is an NDA for about everything. The other banks have announced it only after the accreditation process was completed; for Monzo that presumably isn’t the case yet.

The fact they “broke” the NDA today is a genuine mistake and I don’t think it will have any consequences (that’s not in any party’s interest), as opposed to intentionally breaking it by announcing it too soon.


:point_up_2:t2: This. There are NDA’s everywhere. Theres even an NDA on your very first interview, before you meet your interviewers.


Can we merge this please? This thread wouldn’t exist if the OP had gotten Apple Pay


You couldn’t be more wrong there. I’ve been stewing on this for a while. Whether I had Apple Pay or not. Whether everyone had Apple Pay or not. This thread was being written. I’m not trying to be difficult, I’m trying to genuinely provide feedback.

This thread doesn’t belong inside that other thread with idiotic trolls and people spouting rubbish about how “Monzo will have FitBit Pay before Apple Pay” - it’s genuine feedback that doesn’t deserve to get buried in total drivel.

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If the issue is “mostly referring to Apple Pay” or AML/KYC but they’re open/transparent pretty much everywhere else, doesn’t that tell you something? Doesn’t that spark a thought that maybe the reason they aren’t as vocal is for reasons beyond their control?


I thought there were some genuine responses in that thread, calling it all trolling would be too sweeping. People are understandably disappointed and frustrated, and it was obviously a mistake. But at the moment we just need to wait for the post-mortem since staff cannot comment on it yet.

Creating a new thread to express your disappointment will just add to the same debate, you won’t get answers sooner than the rest of the people who commented on that thread.


I really doubt we’ll get one any time soon. @cookywook’s comment sounded pretty final. Might be wrong, of course …

Ok, can you provide some other specific examples then? Without knowing where you’ve seen a lack of transparency, and on what issues, this will just become another thread complaining that we haven’t been told more about Apple Pay. There is already a thread for that.


Oliver’s earlier message said they would give more info when they can. They’ll probably have to talk about it sometime and explain as much as they’re allowed, people will no doubt keep it up on forums until it happens


I thought that Richard’s message was meant to be the “further information”. Anyway: don’t get me wrong: I couldn’t care less. I’m just really really amused by all of this.

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Oh geez! Monzo made a mistake, that’s all, we are all human and we all make mistakes. They will learn from their mistakes and come back stronger for them. Let’s give Monzo a break here. I’m sure Apple Pay will be available soon to all.