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I would like to start a topic to say that I am very pleased with everything so far and I have had absolutely no problems what-so-ever! It’s rarely posted when everything goes to plan and being in the tech/marketing industry; I’d like to put a good word out there. The guys at Monzo are doing a fantastic job and I am very grateful. Many thanks.

Please share your success stories and keep the good staff at Monzo in good spirits for the future!


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We appreciate it, Mark! Thank you so much! :grinning:

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I successfully deposited my first cheque into my account and was pleased to discover that my transaction feed shows the name of the person that wrote the cheque rather than my old bank putting the name of the branch where you deposited it (which was not really relevant)!
Thanks to the ops team for processing my cheque as I realise it is a bit manual at the moment!


my old bank just used to put the cheque nunber that than the person’s name, which i found as useful as an chocolate teapot

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I was disappointed however that there was nothing in the app to state that it was a cheque :frowning:

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I love that I don’t need to wait three days until my balance is updated- one less thing to think about when you spend your days working and running around after babies. I am looking forward to what is to come- the new spending screen and pots especially. For me I love the most that it makes budgeting and tracking your available cash so easy. I also like that when I missed my Netflix payment I got told and that was it rather than being told and stung with a £15 charge for the joy of missing it. I only missed it because I am taking advantage of changing the payment method to also change the payment date. I never fully got how it made sense to charge someone for missing a payment/going overdrawn by a matter of a few quid- it just makes you go more overdrawn so I am loving that at the moment.


I am really happy as well, even in its current state which is pretty rough by Monzo’s standards (the app is not as polished as the prepaid version) it’s still light-years ahead of the legacy banks. I’ve fully switched now and my Monzo is my only bank account - already had multiple paychecks and outgoing Faster Payments (rent, etc) gone through without any issues! :heart:

Now if only I could get a modern credit card - Capital One is pissing me off to be fair, their latest joke was that a payment by debit card would take two days to reflect on my balance. SERIOUSLY? :rage:

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