Portable Wireless Powerbanks

Evening all.

I’m in the market for a portable wireless power bank.

I’ve had a look on Amazon, and there are plenty to choose from, but I don’t recognise the makes.

Does anyone have any recommendations they could make?


Anker tend to be the best at the kind of thing in my humble opinion.


I’ve heard good things about Anker as well. Belkin is good too.


Thanks for those suggestions. They don’t appear to make portable wireless power banks as far as I can see. Anker make wireless chargers, but they aren’t portable.

Seems that they make portable chargers, or wireless chargers, but not both.

What makes you prioritise wireless?

Can also recommend Anker as a brand if wireless isn’t essential, otherwise Griffin is a brand name I actually recognise but haven’t actually ever used any of their charging products. Realise that’s perhaps not exactly a useful recommendation, so apologies.

EDIT: Appears to be cheaper from O2 - only £19.99 vs Argos £29.99


Well spotted :grinning:

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You cannot go wrong with Anker on Amazon. I regularly travel to locations without power for work and they are the go to brand for me and my colleagues.

My Anker bank has lasted 2 years with regular use and performance is still excellent!

Anker :ok_hand::+1:


Ah that’s so cool. Well spotted. I think I used to have a Griffin FM transmitter some time ago, now I think of it.

Thanks, I’ll check those links out.

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No problem, glad I could (maybe!) help. :slight_smile:

Anker may be good but mophie are the dog’s!

I have this one - https://amzn.to/2BKANni

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Amazing! Thank you so much :pray:

I hate this about Amazon now. Not so much the unknown brands but the ridiculous amount of cheap electronics rebranded multiple times under different names. They all seem to have questionable reviews (as in fake/bought), too.


If they are not careful, this is going to be seriously damaging to amazon - just as I default to assuming an ebay seller is likely to be selling fakes, anything other than ‘supplied by amazon with a brand name’ is dubious.

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I second that! I love my trusty Anker powerbank. It’s compact yet can hold a lot of charge.

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A hefty price tag… It must be good! I’ll take it!

To be honest they are all very much of a muchness!

After dropping my Aukley charger a few times and damaging it, I “upgraded” to a wireless charger:

Have no problems with it yet, its just as good as my Aukley, particularly like it has a display for the battery %.

I use this battery bank: https://thenerdystudent.com/2018/01/aukey-pb-y14/

Disclaimer: this is my own site.

Awesome battery, can keep my iPad and iPhone fully charged for hours. Would certainly recommend for those looking for a well priced high capacity battery.

Anker and Mophie are the tier 1 suppliers of accessories, they have a brand to protect. Most of the others are basically badged products from a few major Chinese OEM suppliers.

Having disassembled a few of the latter products, there’s no way I would trust anything important to them, the areas they skimp on to save money are usually the safety functions.

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Would try and steer you away from wireless chargers as they get VERY hot.
Portable chargers with cables get hot enough but wireless ones would be hot enough to cook an egg on.

In total agreement with most others that Anker are ahead of the game in terms of price & quality