Car mounts?

Hi all

Looking for car mounts for my 2011 Mini One and found this one:

It’s from a company I really like. I can get it for $53, and was wondering if anyone had experience with it? Will it fit in a 2011 Mini One?


I always defer to on things like this - it’s my go to site to check before I buy pretty much any type of ‘gadget’.

I bought their top pick a couple of years ago and it’s not failed me yet (can’t remember the name).

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I use a Belkin vent mount. I hire various cars, and have yet to find a car it doesn’t fit. I can’t say for sure it’ll fit your car, but it’s only about £18, and if you buy online, you can always send it back if it doesn’t suit.

I’ve always used a basic clamp type one that attaches to the air vent . Since starting a job that requires me to drive a lot, and have the phone in and out regularly, I’ve realised the benefits of a magnetic type mount.

Personally I’d always avoid wireless charging after having it on a phone around 4 years ago. I’m sure technology has improved since then, but it totally destroyed my battery. This said, I absolutely hate cables inside a car. You can get magnetic wireless mounts.

An alternative (more sexy) solution, if a lot more expensive, would be to install a head unit with Google Drive / Apple Car Play, which negates the need for having your phone out cluttering your dash.

I’ve got an iPhone holder that sits in my (now redundant) CD player in my car! It’s pretty great, and never falls out!

The issue I have is i need an aux cable to play music, so this looks like a good option to charge it.

I bought a Brodit Proclip - seems to be sturdy enough

2011 Mini doesn’t have Bluetooth? I’m surprised!

Only for phone, not for music.

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I have used this for years. it’s very stable and I have never lost my phone onto the floor!

I use quadlock, but I’m fairly tied in to their systems.

Anyone have experience with this?

Trying to find a cheaper option