Portable Wireless Powerbanks


Which chargers are you using that do this? That’s not been my experience at all and the regulations require that there be no hotspots above 45degC on anything you can touch, so phones monitor their own temperature and shut down charging if it get’s too hot.

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Probably a gross over EGGaggeration :egg::fried_egg:

But I’ve used a Qi(?) branded one before and it got super hot each time so I stopped using it for fear it’d burn a hole on the table.


Qi is the standard they supposedly adhere to - bet it was actually a noname Chinese cheapo! You don’t want your phone to get hot when it charges though, it seriously reduces battery lifetime.

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You’re probably right then. Charger was the one that got hotter than the phone :no_mouth:
Either way I have an Anker charger now

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Just to say, I posted the question in part because I didn’t recognise the names of the power banks on Amazon.

I definitely recommend that no one uses any kind of charging device from a manufacturer they don’t recognise. There have been a number of house fires started by dodgy chargers.