Where do you get a battery pack which can be (re)charged wirelessly?

Hear me out. I am not looking for a battery pack that can charge your phone wirelessly but one that can be (re)charged wirelessly. So if I need to recharge it over night I just put it in its pad but use cables when I’m charging a device with it. It’s because the only device I have now that supports wireless charging is my phone but I hate the hassle of having to connect the battery pack which I use for various devices all over my house as needed such as Kindle, PS4 controller etc. With wireless charging I would leave it on its mat whenever not in use so I’ll have access to a fully charged pack when needed.

It’s impossible to find since google always shows chargers that charge wirelessly. Can’t really blame it English is an convoluted language. I also find many that do both, ie wirelessly charge other and get recharged, but they’re expensive and can only supposed 1-2 cabled devices which is annoying because I have more cabled devices.



Hi Google!

You can get wireless charging pads that look like a sticker with a micro usb on the end. Tend to use them for making phones wireless charging capable.

You could probably use that with one of the shop bought battery packs that takes a micro usb for charging (like the Poundland battery packs, but better)

I don’t. I want the pack to charge wirelessly. Damn this really is hard to explain.

How was what I linked to not what you want then?

I think Siri means a battery pack - like a phone case which charges your phone like any other battery pack.

But that this battery pack/charging case can be wirelessly charged.

Still struggling to see what the use case could be though…

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You could probably make your own using a normal battery pack and one of these wireless charging receiver pads, just stick it onto the battery pack. A bit of a mess but should work fine.

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https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/circuitbreaker/2018/1/2/16841484/avido-wiba-wireless-charging-qi-battery-pack-cable-cord too wireless

And me,
I’m intrigued to see the benefit, but as it stands, it’s the tail wagging the dog.

If anything this offers more than asked for. Can charge and be charged wirelessly. Can also charge via cable (though the output for this seems low).

I think I’m going to get one of those. That’s awesome.