Wireless Chargers

Hello you techies (and non techies who may have a wireless charger).

I’m in the market for a new one for my iPhone XS Max.

I have a couple of RAV Power chargers (which do charge at Apple’s 7.5W standard), but I’d like to use an “upright/stand” charger.

It’s surprising how often I’ve left my phone on charge on one of the pads, only to find it’s moved, or I didn’t put it on right in the first place (the latter is more likely).

What do people use here?

There aren’t many that Apple allow to charge at the 7.5W “fast charging” standard - Most revert to 5W (even the ones that are capable of more).

I actually like the look of the Pixel Stand - But for £70 and 5W charging (with none of the other benefits), I’ll give it a miss!

Any other suggestions?

I saw an amazing one from Japan on YouTube once. The coils were on motors and they’d move to wherever on the mat you placed your phone.

I know that doesn’t help, but I just remembered it.

I’ll likely get a Pixel Stand myself.


Ha - Whilst it sounds like there is more to go wrong there… I would have definitely benefited from that!

If the iPhone had the same functionality as the Pixel when placed on the Pixel Stand, I’d definitely cough up the £70.

I love the “hub” functionality it gives the Pixel.

But as it doesn’t… It’s just an expensive 5W charger for iOS users.

Just a note to anyone reading this, who will end up getting the Pixel - Only Google approved wireless chargers will fast charge at 10W (the only one I know of right now is the Pixel Stand).

Even the other chargers that offer 10W charging, won’t actually charge the Pixel at that, and will revert to 5W.

This is the one!


That’s crazy.

Having had a “flat pad” for the past year, I’m definitely looking for a stand so I can use it as a bedside clock thing.

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I have a few of these - especially good for bedside as they switch off the charge indicator led after a few secs.

not 7.5w but for a bedside you really don’t need it.

PULESEN Fast Wireless Charger, [2 Coils] Qi Certified 10W Fast Wireless Charging P… https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0731DB3Z9/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_IBk0BbFAK73RE

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I’ve had the same issues, changed from ‘flat’ to a stand type one and it’s so much better — although not sure what the true wattage is whilst it’s charging my iPhone?

Edit: Looks like this cradle type is 5W, my Anker flat type is 10w apparently?

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Apple only allow certain wireless chargers to charge at their 7.5W fast charge capability.

The Mophie and Belkin ones do, and a new Logi that you can get from Apple does.

RAVPower are the only other ones I know that can also do it.

So even though it might say 10W, it’ll only charge at 5W on the iPhone.

Why am I not surprised :iphone::roll_eyes:

If it makes you feel better… Google do it as well :joy:

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To be honest, I don’t tend to run my battery down enough to worry about fast charging. My phone sits on the cradle most of the day in work, battery always stays around 80-100% :battery:


this is the point, plus remember that heat is the enemy of battery lifetime, the faster you charge, the hotter it gets.

That’s the exact setup I have for my iPhone X. Works well.


I was disappointed when I found this out after purchasing an Anker fast charger. No idea why Apple do this. Qi wireless charging is a standard not some proprietary thing like all their cables and dongles.

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I bought the RavPower round fast charger for my iPhone 8, but I kept waking up to a dead iPhone and no alarm going off because it had given up on charging in the middle of the night

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Did you buy the “7.5W” charger, or the 5W one? The 5W one is plastic with a couple of rubber bits on - The 7.5W one has a silicone/rubber ring around it (and is a little more chunky).

it’s the 7.5W one.
I think the case might be part of the problem - it’s one of the apple leather cases, but it might be too thick.
It seemed like there was a sweet spot for how to place the phone on the charger, and if I was off by a few mil, it wouldn’t charge

They are the ones I have.

The margin for error does seem really small - It’s fine when it’s on my desk at work, but not great when you are tired, and just want to throw it on the bedside table.

Definitely going to get an upright stand one - Will probably wait until Black Friday!