📰...fintech’s days are numbered + Using Monzo as a verb


Interesting. Time to drop the big F :wink:


Was the change from Mondo to Monzo a blessing in disguise?

One day maybe drop the big M, so that Monzo becomes as synonymous with banking as google is with search engines (other search engines are available).


We’ve already dropped the capital m in our family where monzo has become a verb: "Hey daddy can you monzo some cash my way for a taxi out of this god awful party?"
I’m sure many others have too.


Oh my gosh you are so right!! I didn’t even realise it but the other day my wife said to me “do you want me to Monzo you the money for the film”

It’s already begun!

Edit: haha autocorrect won’t let me drop the capital M!

(Naji Esiri) #5

It actually felt pretty good to use it as a verb when talking to a friend and not being met with a puzzled stare :flushed:Being honest it took a while, but for me, using Monzo in a social context is increasingly becoming a default go to for paying people back and splitting bills :+1:

(Will Stanley) #6

All the team have Monzo at work (I get commission right?) so I always hear ‘I’ll monzo you for coffee/lunch/pint’.