POLL: Card Colour

(Dan Warriner) #1

As mentioned in both Don't go, coral card! 😍 and Be gone, coral card! (and suggested by @anon44204028 who mentioned a poll independent of either post), I thought it would be a good idea to create a poll to get a general consensus of the community’s preference on card colour.

The poll will be based on 2 options: the ‘hot coral’ colour that we have on the Mondo/Monzo cards now, and the more neutral navy card colour (gif included below) that was mocked up by Monzo a while ago and was included on the original Monzo website.

So get voting, guys. Obviously this poll isn’t official and won’t decide what colour card we’ll get in the future. It will, however, give the Monzo guys an idea of the community’s stance.

  • Hot Coral (as on the current cards)
  • Navy (as on/similar to the above gif)
  • Other (reply to the thread with your preferred option)

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Don't go, coral card! 😍
App icon
The Colour of the Debit Card
Woo! Just got my invite
The Colour of the Debit Card
The Colour of the Debit Card
Be gone, coral card!
(Colin Robinson) #2

Hot Coral plus each of the other three colours that make up the M in :monzo:

(Andy Little) #3

Voted navy. But my actual preference is that the card not be brighter than my hi-vis jacket.

Edit for clarity: I actually think the navy shown above looks quite nice.

(Kieran McCann ) #4

I do actually love the design that’s of that card but like most I’ve fallen in love with the coral colour. I know it’s bold and some people (mostly men) don’t want to pull that out of their wallets but it’s something different and people need more colour in their life rather than just bland colours.


I think it would be cool if there were several options that users could choose from when they sign up. I’d personally love a dark purple one. If not, I prefer the navy one to the coral.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Unfortunately that’s unlikely…:see_no_evil:

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(Nicholas Carter) #7

Custom colours! I’d love to pick and choose between the 4 colours in the monzo logo :smiley:


I am amazed at how much discussion there is around the card colour…

(Rika) #9

Bikeshedding on a community scale. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Matt) #10

I definitely like the idea of being able to pick a colour from the logo, that would be really cool! Also still keen on getting a “unique” card for us alphas/betas/investors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think that would be a nice touch. A card for those in from the beginning. A selection of special colours.


Okay, so here’s my controversial two cents. When the bank is launched, Apple Pay and Android Pay will come along and many of us won’t actually use the card for smaller every day purchases. So the card itself becomes less of an issue. I feel that this was one of the main reasons that Apple Pay wasn’t released during the pre-paid term, as we know that wirecard allow these services (and obviously the extra work load which is needed elsewhere).

I’m not going to vote on the poll, because I’m not fussed what happens just as long as I still have my Monzo account. Once the full current account is launched I will be switching and won’t need any other cards in my wallet.

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I will be sticking with the card rather than Android Pay or Samsung Pay … particularly while batteries only last half a day with heavy use. While your phone is flat you can still use your card

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(Kieran McCann ) #14

You also have to take into consideration that not everyone has widely available Apple/Android pay. (Like me) I live in a small town and it’s only the Asda supermarket that allows contactless so I use my card much more frequently that others that might be living in the city.


One problem I have always had is I can’t tell the difference between navy blue and black, they are too similar to me. To me that navy gif looks just like my black credit card. While I am not regarded as being colourblind it may be worth Monzo getting a panel of colourblind consumers to review and comment on proposed designs.

(Andy Little) #16

I’ll also use android pay for most small transactions once it’s available (which I assume is going to be a long time based on the last time I checked the roadmap). So it’s a perfectly valid opinion.

But there are also many places that don’t do contactless yet as well as larger transactions and cash withdrawals (for those places which still won’t take a card). So I’ll probably still end up using my card fairly often.

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(Ben Green) #17

Not everywhere accept cards (and thereby Apple Pay/Android Pay) payments at all - thinking along the lines of small independent barber shops. It’s also common for small independent retailers to charge a fee for processing card payments under a certain amount. In all of those cases, I’d pay by cash. Wouldn’t find it easy in trying to withdraw cash using Apple Pay/Android Pay :wink:


Yep my hairdresser only takes cash (and when I think of firms like this I assume they fiddle their taxes) and of those that take cards they either only take them for transactions £10 or more or levy a 50p charge if you spend below that amount. But it understandable with the bank card processing fees small firms pay.

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(james_e_bell) #19

The other thing to remember is ApplePay (and SamsungPay) do not have universal adoption (even those who use ApplePay dont use it for all transactions). I would expect to see a lot of physical monzo card usage about even when ApplePay is supported.

On another note - I would be v surprised if this poll comes out as anything other then hot coral card love! The original card colour topic was renamed ‘dont go hot coral card’ because of overwhelming support in the thread!

Maybe one other option that should be added was the duplex design including hints of hot coral as shown in the don’t go hot coral thread?

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(Alex Sherwood) #20

You can’t add options to a poll once it’s got votes unfortunately :pensive:

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