Mondo Alpha Card Colour

(Barry McKelvey) #1


So I went to a Mondo Event in London back in October I think. Received my Mondo Card, Salmon in colour :-S

Im not keen on this colour lol. It doesnt match my eyes lol. I’d love to see different colours. Id love to see Teal, the colour of the leg in M of Mondo. I do like that colour, it would look good with silver or white print :slight_smile: Just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


(Stuart Cameron) #2

@barrymckelvey I think by reading some of this forum the ‘Hot Coral’ colour is here for good! I like it because its different and it’s also a brilliant marketing ploy from Mondo - everyone asks about it!

(Mat Morris) #4

I love the salmon though! People always comment as well.

(Rika Raybould) #5

I grew to like the colour pretty quickly. I’d prefer it a little more red but it’s already so much better looking than any other card in my wallet right now .

It’s certainly a conversation starter at many places I’ve used it (usually with a push notification to Watch demo and a quick tour of the app as I pay).

The colour and plain design also helps it be captured by mobile apps fantastically with both long number and expiry under many lighting conditions.