I just wonder if anyone as had any experience with PlusNet for there internet

They are a sub of BT, I like them as you can use ur own router, but now with Sky for a combined bill.

Just signed my parents up to them and they start on Tuesday :joy:

They did have bills issues but changed billing system as I left

ok thanks I’m going live with them on the 26th of this month

Runs off BT, reliable service and great customer service mostly in Sheffield. Migrated to the BT billing platform I believe and for new customers shouldn’t be an issue just some big problems when migrating old customers across.

ok thanks I am leaving Vodafone to go with them

I was with Plusnet for years before they were taken over by BT. Customer service was always good.

I can’t comment on the service as it pre-BT.

I’ve been with PlusNet for 24+ Years, originally joined when was Force 9.
Never had any issues, always good customer services and good price.
Also got 2 x SIM Only Contracts with them.
I know they are “OWNED” by BT but they certainly are not being run by them as such.
All independently run as a separate business which is why I am still with them.
Any sign of them attempting to digest Plusnet into BT Internet/Customer Services etc and getting rid of their existing setup I would leave as hate the main BT Customer Service.

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I was with Plusnet for around 6 years and unfortunately had lots of issues. All of them on the Plusnet side too. An unbelievable number of routers and phone calls later, I switched to Sky. Now, ignoring when someone drive into the local fibre cabinet and knocked it down (no-one in the area had connection for 3 days), I’ve not had a minutes downtime.

Wow, there is a blast from the past!

Been with plusnet for years. Never had an issue. Would like them to adopt native IPv6 but they are so cheap for FTTP that I can’t justify moving this now

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I switched to them once and never again…

They messed it up, so I had no Internet for about ten days. CS just passed me from pillar to post with incorrect or misleading info. Zero apology. Then the connection was constantly dropping and all I got was the “if we send out an engineer, we’ll almost certainly have to charge you” thing.

Moved to Zen. They got Openreach to sort out the dodgy external wiring immediately, handled the switch perfectly and have been reliable ever since…

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Since when did they launch FTTP?

I have a friend who’s been looking for another provider that uses BT Wholesale FTTP.

Officially they don’t however they ran a trial of it a few years ago but never got off the ground. Really annoying because it’s about £23pm and no line rental which makes it hard to leave!

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I can see why! Great bargain

Sky is due to launch FTTP very soon. Will be interesting to see their pricing against the Openreach wholesale cost.

Likely launching in line with Disney + on Sky and dishless Sky Q

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I think with all ISPs it’s down to luck if you’ll get billing and line issues.

With the mainstream service providers, sure. But issues are next to non-existent if you choose (and are willing to pay for) a better, smaller provider that is equipped with a competent technical support team capable of understanding and resolving issues efficiently with minimal hassle to the customer. AAISP especially come to mind here; IDNET are another.

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They’ve undercharged me for the last 6 months, to be fair I’ve just glanced at the bills and archived them without actually looking properly. I contacted them today to say my bills wrong you’re charging me a fiver for broadband and line rental.

They’re getting that corrected to put it back to normal and writing off the last 6 months as it was their systems fault and not down to me.

I can live with that too be fair :rofl::ok_hand:


they have pissed me off big time

I was with PlusNet for years before fibre and was also a moderator on their forums. They had three different names they traded under.
I left as moved and the place I was renting, the contract for the rental wasn’t as long as PlusNet wanted.

I won’t touch them now as they’re owned by BT.

I’m with Sky and have been for years and years without issue. I’d prefer to be with Zen who I used in a previous place but my cabinet has a waiting list so I can’t change until they upgraded the cabinet, which at the moment is looking like never.