Vodafone Broadband

What do people think of Vodafone Broadband

Terrible. Super unreliable speeds for “fibre optic” broadband - at least in my area (Lewisham). Taking a video call is pointless, cuts off multiple times; unfortunately working from home is a pain as a result!

Oh ok mine seems to be fine

Do Vodafone just borrow a BT line or do they have their own fibre?

Im not sure how it works with vodafone there are a few green boxes outside where i live

They use openreach. They had to come install a phone line to my house in order to connect me.

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Fair enough.

We don’t have Openreach here, so am I to assume this is a BT iniative?

Sorry, yes, openreach are BT. They’re the ones that handle all the lines etc.

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Wonder why it’s never brought up that Openreach have a sort of circular hub around one of the UKs cities where they don’t have a single line…

Openreach and bt are no longer together

Sounds like they’re splitting as we speak from a quick Google.

It’s only fair that they do.

I’m not entirely happy. The speed is ample for me, but it does drop out occasionally.

Ill probably go back to BT when my contract ends.

I don’t fully understand how one provider can be better then the other, if they’re using the same backbone.

When i first join vodafone they told me was 60 for a new phone line box but bt and sky where charging 20 pound

Then did Openreach come and install the line?

No i already had a box im my flat

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Nor me. Unless it’s down to the router. When I first switched to Vodafone, it would drop the connection at the same time every day. It was always within half an hour of 2300. When I complained they said that the speed was good enough (true, but irrelevant) and that it dropped the connection 3 times per day, which was within their limits. It still happens from time to time, but not nearly so often. :man_shrugging:

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TalkTalk use to do that to me i think its them doing it i dont have that problem

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I’ve always assumed TalkTalk are operationally useless. They send me a letter every three months with their latest offers and have even advertised in our local paper, this in an area of the UK they don’t even and cannot cover.

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Talktalk are rubbish and i would advise people not to go with them