Please reinstate pre-population of payment reference number

A while ago, it used to be that previous payment references were pre-populated on the payment screen. This meant that I could pay my Barclaycard in just a few clicks without thinking, as everything was set up for me.

A recent ish app update has since removed the correct reference from the reference field, and is now pre-filled with “Barclaycard”. This has led to me sending a payment to Barclaycard without the needed reference, meaning I’ve had to contact customer support on both Monzo and Barclaycard to understand what will happen next.

I have been assured that I will get my money returned to my account in 3 working days by Barclaycard, but Monzo customer service seemed to think the payment was “successful”.

I know this is user error, but it is user error caused by a UI change that existed for years and was very useful.

Please change this back. It wasn’t broken. And I’m sure I can’t be the only person this has happened to.

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This didn’t happen to my Barclaycard or Virgin Money payees

If a payment is sent to such details, like Barclaycard generic details, or even Lloyds (where my experience with this lays), because no reference is attached, it can’t be allocated, therefore returned automatically after a few days.

Thank you for the reassurance!


Looks like they’re added a check for this:


Thank you! I’m still anxiously waiting for my money to be returned :smiling_face_with_tear:

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