Bank Transfer Reference

I’ve set up a bank transfer to my Barclaycard to pay off extra than the minimum payment ad hoc, but I need to put in the long card number as a reference each time I send them money.

It would be great if when selecting a payee, the previous reference was auto-populated in the reference field so you can keep it, change it or delete the reference altogether.


On iOS when you tap in the reference box, it does give you a list of previously used references. I do the same thing to pay my TSB credit card and am able to select the reference (my card number) with a quick tap. Not sure if it’s the same on Android though.

I’ve just checked this on Android - same functionality as iOS it seems!


Previous references are saved and would come up as soon as you tap in reference field. Then you just need to tap to choose the one you want to use.


Oh my days! I didn’t notice that!

Well, Monzo really have thought of everything :sunglasses: