Please help missing payment of £3.8k

hello. I was ment to have a large sum of money from dwp today. to thesum of £3.851.71. however due to learning difficultes I have given them the wrong details on the form. itseems to them that my account number was wrong and the payment has already been issued to me by them. they are asking me to contact monzo to see where the money is at as they are saying they don’t have it. my acount number is [redacted] dwp have told me the incorrect detail I have them was the 9 in my account numbr but can’t due to law tell me what number it was that I have given them. my social worker has said theiris only 8 possible account numbers and they are. [redacted] and obviously the correct number [redacted], I haven’t received my payment so I’m wondering where the money is and what happens now. I have attempted to transfer money to each of them accounts from my own monzo and It tells me the on my monzo no accounts other the my own exist however I have used an online checker and it tells me a monzo with the account number [redacted] exists… this has left me nervous to hell some random person has my money. I have tried ringing monzo and only got through once after ringing 23times, I was told a member of the vulnerable customer team will be in touch within 24hrs. its now been 35 hour. I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown.

I’m afraid that as we’re only customers like you there’s nothing that can be done from here to help.

You’ve been in contact and had an acknowledgement of your problem which is a good thing. All you can do now is wait for a response.

I don’t know whether using the chat facility in the app to ask Monzo again will help the situation but the option to do that is there if you think using it will help.

I have and they don’t reply

They will be investigating

They can’t just remove the money from someone else’s account so it gets a bit tricky

I can take a while for chat to get back if they are busy

Hi @kallem5th I’m so sorry to hear about this. I’ve removed your account number from your post just to keep your account details safe, please don’t share these with people you don’t know :pray:

If you’ve reached out to us in chat already then someone should be with you shortly, and hopefully we can help you sort this all out.


Chats the best option as everyone has already mentioned. I hope it gets sorted for you. Monzo will get back to you soon