Please bring back the old “card” screen

The new one looks really awful IMO. I mean come on look at this, this looks way worse than the usual design we’ve come to expect from :monzo:. At the very least make the PIN button the same size as the other two and center them. I usually love the Monzo design but this time they’ve really dropped the ball. :sob:


Edit: sorry if I offended anyone with my original post, hopefully all will understand that my point is to provide feedback and hopefully get an improved design for next time. My post was written quite hastily right after upgrading and seeing (what I believe) is a disappointing design, quite different from what I’ve learned to expect from Monzo.


Personally I think that one looks great


Andre - normally I think you add quite a lot to the forum, but this post is just rude. There are ways of delivering your opinion without offending hard working developers and designers at Monzo.

Edit: post I’m referring to was subsequently edited


If you’re going to complain about their design, may I complain about your spelling? :wink:


I like the new design, much better in my opinion



Sorry if this comes across as rude but I’m really disappointed by them butchering a perfectly good design. What was wrong with the previous one exactly?

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I don’t believe Andre intended to be rude. He was expressing an opinion, though that opinion appears to equate interns with unskilled and that’s perhaps not wholly true.

Spelling centre incorrectly, though, is unforgivable. :imp:


Yes. Burn him.


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I kinda agree. I like the version in the TestFlight CA app, the one in the blue app looks like a poor relation.


This one looks like either an unfinished design or its own design “language” which would be kinda fine on the web or if everything was like that from the start, but Monzo used to look really close to the platform’s conventions (iOS in this case) and this just looks completely out of place. In any case I want the old one back. :sob:

Here’s the sneak peak:

Not sure if you cropped the image or it’s incomplete, but the header is missing. Personally I prefer this design to what’s currently on the Android version. You could centre it by moving the PIN to a lower line, but I think that would use excessive vertical space. Using one star for PIN doesn’t really convey PIN as an image.

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Maybe a lock for the PIN would be a solution? Though I’m not even sure an icon is needed - PIN speaks for itself, the icon is just there because the other ones have an icon and in this case a star is fine IMO.

For comparison




New one is far better if you ask me. Not going to be to everyones tastes of course.

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The original upload had @anon23935806’s email address in there, so I think it’s been uploaded again with that cropped out. (I only noticed because today my colleagues were talking about .io domain names!)

Aww man that just makes me think how rubbish the android app looks in comparison

Appstore Release (Blue Icon)

Testflight CA Preview (White Icon)

I actually prefer the Testflight version.


I agree, the Testflight CA version was much nicer.


A lock icon works holistically, but I can see it being confused for freezing (“lock” the card)
Easy test for an icon: hide the text, does the icon make sense?
Overdraft and a lock might fail that test (+ could mean top up account or add additional card)

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