Please bring back the old “card” screen

20 posts in and nobody has asked for Monzo to release a purple card. :thinking:


Must… resist… asking… :sunglasses:

One star will look like a snowflake as in defrost / freeze card better the 4 of them which more like a PIN

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I know terrible isn’t it…

The Colour of the Debit Card:upside_down_face:

I think the Testflight version looks better too but I’m assuming the reason why the PIN is spread out like that because we don’t have overdrafts yet. The Testflight was to show us how it would look like if we did? Pure guesswork ofc. I am not used to the card placed below too but I don’t think it looks ugly per se. A lot of the things I realise I am very opposed to initially stem from habits/ things I’m used to having, so when it changes I get annoyed and dislike it.

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I’m not a designer but if you put freeze on the left and settings on the right with pin in the middle would that look better?

I’ve sat looking at this for 10 Minutes now and while I could critique it from various directions, I really struggle to come up with any specific improvements.

  1. The first issue could be around overdraft having moved from symbol to text but there were already problems with the symbol since some confused it for topping up. With three iconised buttons, I guess I’m just a bit anti-text and would love this and the top-up function to be icons too but what would you use?

  2. Looked at from another direction, you could argue that only PIN and Freeze should be buttons by the card since they are card functions while Settings is more general so should be textualised at the bottom of the screen. I like icons though, and the gear wheel is universal symbology.

  3. Then there are the unbalanced button sizes but, personally, I don’t mind them and the iconography is clear.

  4. I suppose I could also make a case for moving the Magstripe ATMs setting up to this page if I were feeling argumentative. Of all the things on the Settings page, that one strikes me as an account setting while the others are more like App Settings.

As I say, I could make a case for each of these individually but, other than the final one, I don’t have a clear idea of what else could be done.

This was trailed back in August so it’s not like it was a surprise :smile:


I’m surprised no one had mentioned that the card still has the old MasterCard logo on it :dancing_men:


I like this idea, maybe :credit_card: with a strikethrough while disabled - but magstripe does need an explanation about how chip/pin isn’t affected, maybe a pop-up box.

Potential icon for PIN: the number pad (10 boxes)

That could work, as long as it’s clear enough - some of us Monzo ‘millenials’ are older than others!


New design makes more sense when you have access to Pots :grinning:


Sometimes you are such a tease


Please Can I have immediate access to Pots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?

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Me as well, just to make me a little less sad after that disappointment of a design. :wink:


@Feathers @anon23935806

Here you go immediate access to Pots :dancing_men:


go get a life and stop trolling.

sure you may prefer a slight difference of layout but this negativity is uncalled for.

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Telling someone to “go get a life” is uncalled for.


I thank you…I think. :joy:

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What’s changed on the Monzo community recently? :thinking:

It’s not as friendly as it was a couple of months ago. It feels much more like the TCB community which has always been frosty.


I think the TCB mob have come here…

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