Any sim racers here?

Had a g29 for awhile. Just got forza 7 and it’s the best game by far for sim racing

I used to play those games competitively and I was very good them, though I’ve always much preferred the Mario Kart games (I’ll never forget the thrill of defending my 9999 rating on Mario Kart Wii using tilt controls!) to sim racers. As I’ve gotten older they can cause carpal tunnel to flare up after a few games, which is why I really like the control options on Mario Kart 8 deluxe. Not having to keep the A button depressed keeps my fingers and wrist from aching so I can still compete at high skill levels, which I can’t do any more on Forza :frowning:

I love the Forza Horizon games though! It’s a fun open world to drive around with a few friends, with fun game modes too, but that’s not really a racing sim though.

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:sunglasses: cool

I found project cars way too difficult. Horizon 4 was easier and motorsport 7 is the best

I love Horizon 4! Especially the Lego expansion! I actually preferred Forza Horizon 3 though!


I’ve started playing GRID Autosport, Dirt Rally 2 and F1 2016. Played all on medium settings and too easy and now put all on hard and they’re alsmost impossible to play without a wheel! Here comes my next purchase :eyes:

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Dirt rally was way too difficult with the wheel ( for me anyway )