Plans to compare bank customer service

The time taken to open an account or to replace a lost or stolen card should also be published, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said.

Such service guides should make it easier to compare accounts, the FCA said.

The industry welcomed the proposals, which could take effect next year.


Ha HSBC should get worried. Anecdotally over on the MoneySavingExpert forums it takes them weeks to open a bank account.

took them just shy of three weeks to open my account, only reason i persisted was to get the sign on bonus!


I got mine in 2 working days and 1 weekend day (applied on Thursday and received the card on Saturday) Alrthough the PIN was received 2 days later on Monday. Rather easy IMO

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Opening an HSBC account is indeed a nightmare. When I initially arrived in the UK they wouldn’t accept a letter from my employer (O2) as proof of address. Later I tried again and even a Nationwide account statement wasn’t enough for them.

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A few years ago they told me they would not accept documents from building societies only banks, but not sure if that was just the idiot working there :slight_smile: