Account taking long to verify

Hello I need my account to be verified ASAP
Its urgent i need an account

You will just have to be patient and wait, depending what checks need to be done it can either be minutes, hours, days or weeks. The process can’t be made any quicker for you.

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It shouldn’t take weeks to look at passport and a video

if it’s taking weeks to verify then i suggest trying to open an account somewhere else if it’s that urgent

They aren’t just checking a passport and a video, they’ll be address checks, fraud checks etc. Like I said you’ll have to be patient and wait.

Just as a warning, a lot of scams will put pressure on you to open an account quickly to keep your money safe/get a free £500 or receive a refund. If any third party is trying to get you to open an account claiming to be HMRC/GOV/X COMPANY FOR A REFUND or to get a free money promotion (MONZO do not do these ad’s its a scam) tell Monzo before you do anything and confirm with them as its nearly always a scam.

One scam wanted people to open a monzo account to keep their other bank account safe and transfer the money to monzo for security, it is a scam though and is not your bank calling and they usually try to steal your monzo details so they can take your money.

You may just need a bank account quickly for your own use, thats great, I just want to make sure no one else is telling you that you must get an account as its probably nearly always a scam.