I Lost My Bank Card! Monzo vs Lloyds

(Alex Sherwood) #1

I’ve just seen the author sharing this story in a tweet. It’s a really good summary of the several ways that Monzo has made handling a lost bank card a far better user experience than the legacy banks :heart_eyes:

(Henry Pedro) #2

the difference in process is remarkable

(P Burrows) #3

If that’s really how things are with Lloyds then that’s a disaster. To be fair on my legacy bank I could phone them change the address and have a new card ordered all in a 3 minute phone call!! All these extra steps you’ve mentioned seem like unnecassary nonsense!

Granted monzo’s ability to freeze the card means you can search for a bit longer with peace of mind that nothing else can happen. But who can be bothered with that, if it’s not in the place that I always keep the card then cancel it and get a new one! Done!!

(Alex Sherwood) #4

And then wait for x days to get a new card + update all your online payment details? :thinking:


My Mum lost her Lloyds card a few weeks ago. I was quite surprised when looking for the number to call online that it’s quite quick and easy to cancel the card and order a new one via online banking.

(Eve) #6

I left my Santander card behind in Aldi and only realised 3 days later (I use monzo most of the time, so I didn’t realise it was gone). Went back and they told me they cut it up early (usually wait 10 days) because the manager was in that day.

Oh well. It hadn’t been used, so I called up Santander that day and got through to a staff member pretty quickly. They set up Apple Pay to my phone immediately with the new so I could continue topping up my Monzo card, and told me they would send the card to my address. (it didn’t get sent to my address for some reason and got sent to my local branch within 2 days). I left it there for 2 weeks before picking it up since I had no need for it, but the actual process of getting it cancelled/ reactivated was really quick.

Obviously if my wallet had been stolen it would have been a more urgent matter, but most of the delays were my own fault and for a legacy bank the process was pretty painless.

(Sami Hussain) #7

It’s really easy to get cards cancelled and reactivated really, however the more painful part really is losing your card, then deactivating it but then all of a sudden you have found it again. I believe there may be a feature that allows you to unfreeze your card once you’ve found it again.

(Simon B) #8

I think the fundamental thing is that the process isn’t clear with some legacy banks. I don’t know off the top of my head how to replace my Santander card should I lose it. I don’t want to have to go into a branch, and I don’t want to have to make a phone call where I’ll reach an automated menu and have to figure out what to press and then perhaps get asked to enter random letters from a password that I don’t remember. Those things aren’t convenient.

With our card, we hope that users will know exactly what the process is even if they’ve never lost their card. I’m sure most people will test out the freeze-unfreeze feature when they first get access, and hopefully they’ll notice the text that pops up allowing you to order a new card.

There should be zero friction, and zero opportunity for confusion, no matter what. That’s the aim, in all areas! :grinning:

(Dawid) #9

That’s why I can’t wait to wave Lloyds goodbye… They also have one of the biggest fees on using their debit or credit card abroad!

(Eve) #10

That’s definitely true, it involves a bit of hunting around for the right number before anything can be resolved. I personally hate calling about any official business. I just thought it was worth commending on how quickly they took action, compared to all the fuss I took with Lloyds to get a card sorted. I gave up in the end and closing it was such a chore too!

(Geoffrey McCaleb) #11

I know Lloyds is an easy whipping boy (see my post here), but I do think Monzo should take a look at American Express.

With Amex, I was back in business inside of an hour, with Monzo I still was more or less out of action for 2-3 business days.

(Alex Sherwood) #12

I’m guessing that, that’s because they provided a virtual card for you to use with Apple / Android Pay? Monzo will be able to do the same thing (according to the roadmap) :soon:

If not, it’d be good to hear what their solution was.

(Matt) #13

Starling allow you to use ApplePay as soon as you cancel and re-order your card :slight_smile:

(Bob) #14

I lost my Monzo card last Friday lunchtime, and the first I knew about it was an hour later when Louis at COps sent me a message letting me know that my card had been found (apparently the finder called the freephone number on the back). Louis informed me that he’d frozen my card and a new one was on its way, which arrived next day in the morning post.

(Geoffrey McCaleb) #15

Correctamundo - their ApplePay integration piped the new details onto my phone in less than an hour, got the card the same day as Monzo.

Less reliance on cheap pieces of plastic would be grand

(c-m) #16

It’s worth pointing out that the ability to freeze a card is a not a new feature. Many other cards have had this. It is however a very good feature. Probably more useful on seldom used travel cards than your main account, but I wouldn’t want a new account that doesn’t have this feature built into the app.

Pretty much all the ‘old’ banks, you can call up (wait 20mins for an answers) then cancel and replace your cards. Having the ability to do this by app as as well as by phone is a plus.

(Allan Stainforth) #17

This process has now changed. I lost my Lloyds Debit Card yesterday and you can now cancel and request a replacement card in the App. Now all they need to do is add a way to just freeze the card because that would give you time to retrace your steps the next day to see if it’s handed in anywhere.

(Allie) #18

You got the app working? That is darn impressive! The horrible keyboard since they don’t trust the OS keyboard made me give up during sign in!

Uktexan did go the mobile wallet route, but if you want you can stop into an Amex office and they can give you a two month replacement (magstripe only) anywhere in the world, or at least they used to be able to. That was a huge benefit of theirs for travel emergencies.