Planned prepaid maintenance early Sunday morning. Please carry another card 💳

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There will be planned downtime on Sunday 12 November from 00:00-02:00 GMT, as our card processor will be performing scheduled maintenance to help make their systems more reliable :hammer_and_wrench: During this time, card payments, Monzo-to-Monzo payments and top-ups will not work :x: You will still be able to view your app and contact customer service.

Please carry another card with you over the weekend :credit_card:

We’re so sorry if this causes you any issues. We’re working hard with our partner to provide a service you can rely on, and this is an important step towards achieving that.

Please note Monzo current accounts will be unaffected

Community Digest 10/11/17
Banner warning about prepaid outage on current account

Blimey, at least Monzo tell you in advance. I’m not sure Starling have bothered yet, unless it’s not affecting them???

Thanks for the notice.

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