Pixel Watch

Is it cellular? If it is do you want to swap it for a series 5 that can sit there collecting dust instead?! :joy:

Haha na sadly not, gps model. Cellular never struck me for anything useful as phone always near.

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If I took the offer it would be just to flog the watch to reduce the price of the phone - no interest in it.

Just like the Bose headphones last year, have a feeling eBay will be flooded with bargain unused Pixel Watches.

I’ll buy it :wink::joy:

To be be fair the headphones were/are awesome, I love mine.

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I didn’t think the bose were particularly great but they’re still used as standby for listening to the TV at night… so they’ve served their purpose & can’t complain for the price.

Did anyone get one of these in end? Pondering on purchasing now I’m back at the gym.

I’ve got one, they’re fine but I think Google rushed them out of the door a bit…

Can’t comment on the fitness stuff as I’ve never used it (the sleep tracking works but no idea if it’s any good… never tried it before).

The battery life is… OK… with moderate use, 36 hours is quite doable, with heavy use 24 or less. It’s no Garmin, for sure.

There are wierd inconsistencies… alarms apparently can’t be silenced from the watch (something that worked perfectly fine in WearOS2 and every other watch out there). The charger is QI but officially isn’t (I’ve charged with a 3rd party charger as have others but according to google it doesn’t work)… it has the hallmarks of something that had to meet a deadline and I hope subsequent software drops fix those.