Pixel Watch

Great to see Google holding prices steady (in £), in comparison to the competition.

£599 is such an awesome price for a flagship phone.

Still think the price jump to Pro is too high to justify the extra. But that’s more a reflection of the insane value of the regular Pixel.

The Pro is still a steal at £849. Literally the same price as the regular iPhone 14.


Face unlock :heart:

Wonder if the 6 pro will get that too. I recall somewhere saying it may get it once it’s been launched. Anything prior will not.

Might get the pro and just flog the watch as no interest at all in smart-watches.

Back to the awful 2D face unlocks of the early 10s, or does it have some additional sensors?

Just read Google scrapped it for 6 Pro and with the 7, it can’t be used to replace fingerprint fully.

Apple really does face ID so well with their camera, always spot on.

So it’s just an early 10s 2D scan thing. Not sure why they feel it’s worth a mention…

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I had higher hopes but clearly it’s turned out to be a flop.

It was always reported that it wouldn’t have a proper face unlock, as it’s simply not for the sensors available to do that. Been well done even before today’s launch :rofl:

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Looks like the ticwatch 3 pro I got for £70 is an ever better bargain.

Still boxed in case it ever gets the wear os 3 upgrade (it’s confirmed so hopefully soon).

The ticwatch are great… £70 is an absolute bargain.


Still in shock, they actually delivered it - need the wear os upgrade though for the google home app!

Had a look at what networks the Pixel watch works with, on 4G LTE, for the UK it’s limited to EE & Vodafone

Edit - and now I’m looking at the email from Google about it, I’m trying hard to resist actually pulling the trigger and buying it. Even though further up I made a valid reason not to :rofl:

It’s probably an esim, given its size… so you’ll be limited to EE and Vodafone anyway - Three did an esim trial but never went live with it. (Edit: And O2, I always forget them, although they currently say samsung only it can’t be that different).

If they do it like the apple watch it’ll be a £7 a month data addon to whatever you pick as the one for the phone. Unfortunately for me that’d be a massive monthly increase, since I’m currently with smarty and currently pay about £5 a month, and the equivalent sim only plan from EE is about £30 a month…

My Vodafone plan would charge it at all additional £3.50 a month if I do decide to buy the watch. A standard plan would be £7.

You not getting the Pixel watch? I know you were a big Apple Watch guy.

I’m in a “do I need it” mindset at the moment, focusing on current spending given the current climate.

Maybe if I get a payrise :rofl:


Three has launched esim for apple watch as it can be added to apple plans, just nothing else which is frustrating.

Apple watch can be the dummy :joy:

They must be able to do eSIMs because that’s what the Apple Watch uses.

Edit: I see @Carlo1460 has already mentioned this…

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I’ve talked myself out of purchasing it :rofl: I’ll maybe wait and see how well it does and what the follow up model looks like.


I feel nothing will beat apple watch.

I still have my series 6 here sat doing nothing bar collect dust.

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