Google I/O 2022

Just a little over 18 days to go

The thing I’m most looking forward to is, the long awaited, rumoured, Pixel Watch. There’s few details leaked so far about it, as we get closer to the event, I suspect someone somewhere will get those full details out.

The second article states they’ll tease it at this event and release it with the Pixel 7. Will be good to see a bit of effort put back into making a decent watch.


Looking forward to this too.
Pixel Watch happening
Pixel Watch happening properly? My jury is out.

OG Moto 360 was insane at the ‘time’, everything else since fell off the planet and Wear OS collapsed. Apart from an OG TicWatch (which gave up after 18 months by itself) I haven’t bought a smartwatch since. Maybe, hopefully, this’ll kick it back into play.


Yeah I liked the look of the Moto one when it came out.

I’m hopeful that the fact Samsung have had some input and that Google own Fitbit means something pretty good should come from them. They’re years behind with this after never really giving it a proper go.

Yeah. Sadly, El Goog releases interesting hardware which is great at the time, then somehow it manages to let it dwindle. Or kill it off completely. Apart from Nest, which in my experience (learning thermo/protect), continues to deliver. But then it has to, given heating and protection is paramount for you to basically - stay alive :man_dancing:

It’s about time that the Android ecosystem has something that can step up to take on the Apple Watch. I’m really hoping that Google will have done a grand job with it because whenever I’ve been tempted to move to Android, there’s nothing that’s been able to beat the Apple Watch.

But my biggest criticism of Google is that they’re still not really a consumer-focused company. They’re too engrained in B2B stuff that it makes it hard to get support from them.

Fingers crossed


I really miss something like my Huawei watch. I hope the pixel watch doesn’t turn into some massive ‘sports watch’ with bezels the size of a small country but I’m not hopeful given what has been released in recent years.

I’ve had an Apple Watch for a month now and would sell it in a heartbeat for a decent android watch.

After how much I hated the pixel 6 pro I will be holding fire for at least the second gen pixel watch, it’s good it is finally coming but I don’t trust Google and hardware.

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I felt like the beta tester with most unfortunately

Mines worked pretty much perfectly since day 1, the only issue I had was the screen would turn on, at the slightest tap on its own. That’s been fixed in an update at least.

I didn’t have much luck with Fitbit either. Scales returned for refund, very tedious process and 2 watches sold. Wait and see I reckon. R-

Someone’s supposedly found a prototype left in a restaurant :face_with_monocle:

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I’m reasonably sure these companies ‘leak’ this stuff intentionally to see what the reaction is. If everyone hates it they just change the design.

The base looks like pogo pins… I hope not… had a nightmare with them with the huawei watch not lining up properly… It’s not like wireless charging isn’t a thing.

Really I’d need to see it on a wrist to make a judgement.

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Oh yeah fully agree :joy: hence the supposedly. It seems to happen all too often for it just to be a bit of a one off. Why they can’t just release it into the wild without having to do it this way… Who knows :person_facepalming:

Just looking at how much places like musicmagpie will take an apple watch off my hands for and wondering if that’ll drop too fast if I wait a couple of weeks for the I/O announcement…

Decisions, decisions…

Normally the offer lasts a couple of weeks and you don’t have to send in. So go through the best one in advance and then can take or leave afterward.

Sold my Apple Watch series 6 (GPS) for £190 through Music Magpie - that was a couple of weeks after the series 7 was announced. So it should, hopefully, retain reasonable value once Google announces their own watch.

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They’re offering me £206 for a series 7, so I’m not entirely sure I’d call that ‘reasonable value’ already :p.

Decided to resurrect the huawei watch. They got so much right with that watch… 7 years have passed and I’m still looking for a replacement…


7 minutes.

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Google virtual card numbers are coming to auto fill in chrome, like how they do it for Google pay.

More Pixel 6 units have been sold than the 4 and 5 combined.

Pixel 6A announced
Pixel 7 first looks, same camera bump but with an aluminium finish.

New buds pro coming with anc + all the marketing speak $199

New pixel watch, I’m not a fan of the look personally, coming at the same time as the pixel 7

Pixel tablet coming next year.

Pixel Watch!!! Finally!