New Fossil WearOS watch


This looks interesting! Apparently the additional RAM makes a huge difference to the responsiveness on WearOS, as this article notes.

Full announcement on Monday.

Still waiting for the Pixel watch.


But the poor responsiveness of the current Fossil Sport is a massive annoyance so it’s nice to see that may finally be less of a thing soon.


I’ve had a few fossil watches in the past and non have been up to much. I find they are not very robust and they stop functioning usually in under a year. So I don’t hold out much hope for this.

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This would be good but vitality won’t accept data from wear OS watches for points which basically rules it out. Then monzo won’t support Samsung pay or Fitbit pay

As much as the ram will help sadly it’s the lack of decent cpu that’s the issue for wear.

Don’t forget the CPU in the new watch is still the 3100 which is the 2100 with a core dedicated to power management. It’s a weak cpu.

If sales of Pixel devices is anything to go by, a Pixel watch would sell about as well as a pork chop in a vegan store. :smirk:

Yet the 3A sold really well

In the USA it did, and that was only because they opened it to more than just Verizon. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Pixel phones, but Google sucked when it came to marketing them. Same went for the Nexus devices.

I have owned every Google device from the Nexus program right up until the Pixel 2 XL which has been the best phone I have ever owned, I skipped the 3 because it didn’t offer me anything I didn’t already have.

I’m waiting to see the camera tech in the pixel 4 before I commit to getting it.

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Decided to get a Fitbit charge 3 after much deliberation. The fitness elements just don’t seem uonto scratch and it still doesn’t seem as fluid as an Apple Watch.

Need Google to really move this forward I think, in terms of software and hardware.

Now just need Monzo to support Fitbit pay :smirk: