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My account wouldn’t let me in and repeatedly asked me to get a pin reminder… when I did it was the pin that I was sure of and when I used it, it let me in… is this a scam? has someone hit hold of my card details or is this correct procedure for you!

Where did it ask you to get a PIN reminder?

If in doubt go to an ATM and change your PIN

My partner has experienced the same issue.

It doesn’t sound like a scam, more a bug with Monzo’s caching, However it would be best to have a chat with Monzo, and they may ask you to change your PIN as a precaution.

It asked me through the app… it reminded me of the number that I knew… I’ve frozen the card for now but all looks ok!

Thanks… I’ve tried to find a way of chatting to monzo but can’t find a direct email only community pages!

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Search for “contact” within the help section of the app, the first result should contain a link to chat directly from the app.

That’s the best precaution until you get a definitive answer from Monzo. Good luck :+1:

Great thanks! I’ll try that…

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