Monzo Update

Had a recent notification to download new App and change my PIN. App will not download so I have withdrawn my money out of Monzo Plus account.

There is a thread about it below.

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unlikely a scam as Monzo have posted on the community forum about this very thing , and their twitter account :slight_smile:

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You might be on the latest app version , is it just showing no update available in the app store?

Yes, however App will not download.

Still not convinced as now can’t cancel the App download. Glad I have removed my money!

A Monzo employee posted it. The website lists it.

I would try uninstalling the app and re installing it if it was me , however when I downloaded the new app update 20 minutes ago my transaction feed didnt update and was left with a blank feed with no items on it at all , I swapped display a couple of times and the account feed came back with all my transactions on- if you are not convinced a - its a genuine message from the bank , or b - its not safe, you are quite correct to remove all your money from the regulated bank -

ps my money is still there , my savings accounts are still there , in fact everything is still there :slight_smile:

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What kind of scam do you think it is that would ask you to change your PIN at an atm?


From the appstore? If so this isn’t a Monzo issue.

If you mean your app wont update, perhaps you’re already on the latest version. It details within the email what the latest version is :slight_smile: