PIN numbers in the US

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I love the Monzo bank account and your mission. I’ve used the card a few times. Here’s some basic feedback on having to use a PIN number for transactions. Although this is more secure and common in the U.K. and beyond it’s not required in the US. This creates a change of behavior for the customer with them potentially forgetting this. I believe the reason why you require a PIN number is because the card is a debit not a credit card so doesn’t have the same protection from a risk point of view. Anyway like I said I love the card and using a PIN number isn’t a big deal for me because I’m from the U.K.



What happens if you run it through as credit?

Always made me really uncomfortable in America when they’d take your card off you and just swipe it. No confirming the amount, no typing a PIN. Felt almost invasive.


Well you have to sign to confirm the amount and they need to confirm the signature matches the one on the back of the card. Some merchants do not do this but it does shift liability on the merchant. The rules around signatures changed about a year or two ago and chip liability changed in 2015.

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I never signed a thing while there, don’t know if that unusual? Wouldn’t have done much good considering I never sign my cards either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Was this a US issued card?

The profile on the card needs to be set to Signature CVM.

If it is debit you meed to run through as credit to get sig

Nah, UK.

The profile on it will be set to Chip+Pin, tho some readers do not support the PIN CVM method such as restaurants.