Getting going with Monzo

Hi all I am new to Monzo and have just received my card I have a few questions and hopefully someone can help
I have not received a pin number. How do i get this?
I am in the UK and looking to use this in the US and Costa Rica this summer. My assumption is that i just connect it to my bank and pre-load it with the cash we need and then either use the card or take out cash Does anyone have any specific tips for these locations?
Thanks in advance

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You already set your pin when you created your account.

You don’t “pre-load” anymore or connect to a bank. It is a bank. Add money in the same ways you’d add money to any other bank account.


Monzo is a fully licensed bank in the UK, so you add funds to the account the same way you would transfer to friends and family. Your account number and sort code are on your account Home Screen.

As above, your pin is the same pin as your app pin. :sunglasses:


Thank you so much.

I have only got this to enable me to exchange currency abroad.
I’m assuming it is as simple as I transfer money into the account and then just spend it in the foreign country using either the card or cash withdrawals (knowing there is a daily limit)

Correct. The key is to ONLY spend in the LOCAL currency, wherever you are.

If you get the option to pay in £/GBP/Sterling at the Point-Of-Sale, decline it. Only ever pay in the local currency and let Monzo deal with the exchange rate. It is far, far less expensive this way.

Overseas POS terminals by financial service providers will apply potentially astronomical charges when compared to the reasonable exchange-rate charge applied by Monzo

And Monzo also offers a ton of other (non-overseas) banking benefits too :wink:


Thank you. And last question. What are the watch outs when taking cash out when using the Monzo card? I am going to the US and Costa Rica

Thanks so much. This is really helpful

This bit. If the cash machine offers to charge you in £, say no no no