My pin number is freaking me out

(Behrooz Rezvani) #1

So i have a question first, how the pin numbers are generated?
So here is what happened, there is a 4 digit combination number that i have been using for the last 5-6 years that is very secretive and non personal at all and i have told no body like ever. I have been using it for a specific things that are most important to me.
And here today after getting my card i got that number as a PIN for my newly arrived card :exploding_head: right?
I know that you might be saying that it is just a random number but what are the chances that i would be getting that. 9998 to 1. :open_mouth:

(Andy) #2

hi @DIABLO Is this on your Monzo card? You will have set the pin to any pin of your choosing during the sign up process

(Behrooz Rezvani) #3

Omg are you saying that I have chosen the PIN during the sign up process and forgot? I have to show myself to a doctor. But if you are correct why do i need to confirm identity to access the PIN, i would already know that anyways. Hmmm.

(Andy) #4

You need to confirm that you are who you say you are before the pin is shown to you when you use the view pin option. If you have Biometric security enabled (fingerprint or FaceID) then you shouldn’t get asked to provide documentation

(Behrooz Rezvani) #5

Thank you so much for information. I will probably delete this post so it wouldn’t create confusion for others.



(Behrooz Rezvani) #8

@redshift Stop laughing at me :sob: