Pin locked abroad

My mom is out in Grenada and have been trying to use her Monzo card at shops and ATM’s. She received the message “pin is locked”.
Both myself and Mom have been in touch with customer service and they have guided her through unlocking it. All seemed fine… However, she has since tried again at both the ATM and the shops and it’s still blocked.
Any ideas what is causing this and how to unblock it.
Note, she has been using it without any problems; she has been through to customer service 3 times with this issue and did the “pin unlock” through the app and sending the video to them.

We’re only customers on here. You need to speak to Monzo directly, in the app.

Okay, thanks.

Hi @LuChung & welcome :wave:

As well as some ATM machines, is your Mom ‘swiping’ her Monzo card at point-of-sale terminals?

If so, you may need to enable ‘Magstripe ATMs’ to allow the card to be recognised by certain types of ATMs and POS terminals to work. In the :monzo: app, swipe down the transaction list to reveal the 4 blue buttons under the card and tap on ‘Account’, then scroll down to ‘Magstripe ATMs’ and enable it.

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Thank you; most helpful.


PIN unblocks abroad are somewhat tricky; I’ve seen many cases where the PIN unblock command is being sent out to the card but the ATM or POS terminal isn’t forwarding it on. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot that can be done in these cases - the PIN block is implemented on the card, and without the message reaching it, there’s not much that can be done.

That said, if she’s been through a PIN unblock with customer support, I’d expect at least ATM withdrawals to work (since the PIN block for those is handled by Monzo’s end, not the card - for POS terminals it’s often bu not always handled by the card)