'PIN and Signature' on receipt

(Allie) #1

Has anyone seen this? It was a Google Pay transaction with no PIN or signature.

(Liam W) #3

Hmm, Ref: PIN & SIG. Not seen that before myself…

(Mark Dunne) #4

I’ve not seen that when I have used Apple Pay but I would imagine that when you use your finger print or face ID to initiate the payment that would class the same as entering your pin?

(Jack) #5

This makes sense to me, or it’s just a badly designed terminal.

(Andre Borie) #6

Doesn’t look like a terminal receipt to me. Seems like it’s the POS that’s printing those based on the data returned by the terminal, and either incorrectly parsing the response or just has “PIN & Signature” hardcoded because back when this was developed contactless wasn’t a thing.

Also, does nobody think about user experience when developing these things? This has got to be the shittiest-looking receipt I’ve seen in a while. They could make it so much better by reordering some of the stuff on there (and removing redundant information).

(Liam W) #7

The receipt itself shows No Cardholder Verification, so it’s using the same system as a normal contactless card for ‘authentication’…

(Allie) #8

Technically it says ‘O CARDHOLDER VERIFICATION’ :slight_smile:

(Liam W) #9

Yeah, well, clearly someone didn’t align the printer/receipt paper/check the print width.

(Allie) #10

It’s not paper cut off the edge, but yeah it’s width of the string. Still odd to cut off the first character, not the last.

(Colin Robinson) #11

Right aligned text in a fixed width print field?

(Peter Roberts) #12

Never seen that but I’m more interested in how good Sprinkles is! I’ve never heard of them but I’m a big fan of Swoon which is just up the hill a bit

(Allie) #13

Not great… I’ll have to check out Swoon!