Cosmetic Contactless / Apple Pay change

Hi guys,

Is there any chance you could add a contactless / Apple Pay identifier on the transaction feed. This would give the end user the ability to differentiate between contactless and chip and pin transactions.



It’s an interesting idea, and I’m sure the information is included in transactions to make it theorietically possible, but I’m curious why you would want it… :thinking:


Sometimes when you have a brainfart haha, the more details you have about a transaction the better you can identify it.

Just knowing it was contactless or chip and pin could refresh the memory.

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I get you. This is why I like seeing the map on transactions so I know which Co-op in Crewe I bought something from, etc.

I have often wondered why this is shown on bank statements. Is there a particular difference other than curiosity?

With other bank cards, contactless payments can take a few days to show up at all, longer than chip+pin or website transactions, while Apple Pay would often show up instantly. I think the varying timeframes for these transactions (particular for contactless being so slow) meant that highlighting the transaction method was useful when suddenly a transaction you don’t remember making shows up a week later. I think all banks are speeding up things like this (or perhaps “catching up” would be more appropriate :monzo:) so it’s becoming less useful.

Not sure of anything else.


agreed on that one, but when the PED has been registered somewhere else, sometimes that information is a bit sketchy :smile:

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