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Last night, I placed an order for a new phone and contract through on their Black Friday deals. All went well and checkout completed as expected. Monzo authorisation worked flawlessly, as usual.

But not 20 minutes later, my order was cancelled by There email’s first line read, “We’re unable to process your order, as it has failed to meet our internal credit and security criteria.”

The email went on to mention being a responsible retailer; and something about a 500 point security check. It finished with a ‘helpful’ note that stated they wouldn’t be providing a reason for the cancellation.

This was totally unexpected. I have never missed a payment, ever, and my credit score is relatively high (Their email even stated that they hadn’t carried out a credit check) The only thing that I could think was that I used Monzo for my direct debit and card payment validation and at present I have been with Monzo for just over 2 years.

My logic for believing the it to be linked to Monzo is that when you enter a, ‘length of time with bank’ timescale of over 3 years on the order form, years and months, changes to just years. This gives the impression of 3 years being the magic number.

I repeated the order using my legacy bank account, and at the time of writing this, my order has been accepted. All other details are the same (Delivery address, same order).

Is this just a glitch? Has this happened to you? Have you placed an order with using Monzo and it worked? Has this happened to you on your legacy bank account?

Not sure if this is the same, but when I picked up my new phone from Vodafone (as a returning customer, not even a new one) and used my card for identity purposes, it failed. I had to go back to my legacy card.

Not sure if it’s because Mastercards aren’t well known to also be debit cards.

I did wonder if it was a MasterCard thing.

The retailer website did recognise it as being a debit, but interestingly enough it is a Vodafone contract.

It may be their system that rejected it.

How long have you been with Monzo, if you don’t mind me asking?

It wouldn’t surprise me if it was Vodafone that cancelled the order then.

I’ve had a current account since July 2017 and was on the prepaid model since June 2016.

I had three orders fail with John Lewis last month. Even after speaking with them over live chat and then placing the order over the phone.

I initially thought this might be a Monzo thing, but it turned out to be a John Lewis thing and was because I wanted to guest checkout with them.

Is there anything like this you could do prior to the order? It may help!

There’s not in this case.

The order has gone through fine with legacy bank, but it would appear to be a Vodafone thing, based on my current sample size of two.

Ah Vodafone checking is notoriously over zealous. I remember a while back a phones4u a salesman altered my second signature to more match my first for it to go through Vodafone’s checking.

It might be that Monzo don’t report to some of the credit reference agencies and the retailer couldn’t verify your recent credit history?

Here’s the most recent discussion on this.

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Could well be something along those lines.

Is this a discussion that @monzo could have with vodafone’s finance team though. It seems to be a fairly big retailer to be effectively shut off from people who have gone full Monzo. As Monzo grows, it will be in the interest of vodafone to ensure that they can take the business of Monzo’s tech savvy customers.

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By asking the question about how long you’ve held your current account, it does make me wonder if that is used as a decision to offer credit sometimes, and some may think that’s a good reason not to swap banks.

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How you can be with Monzo for over 2 years?
Monzo started to offer current account this summer?!
Pre-paid is not a current account

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A fair point.

I didn’t make that distinction. It could have been a factor that the date of switching to a CA didn’t match the answer I gave.

But in answer to your bluntly put question, I have been with Monzo for 2 years and 2 months. Symantics, it would seem, may have caught both of us out.

If only there were better ways to prove your identity…

Is there anywhere in app that Monzo lists the time that a current account has been open? If some retailers are asking for this, it may be a good idea to have it readily available.

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Hey :wave:

I’m really sorry to hear about this :frowning:

I don’t think this is in relation to your credit history if they stated they didn’t carry out a credit check. The only way for them to know how long you’d held an account with us for would be via a credit check :+1:

I suspect your billing address didn’t match the address we held on file for you and when we provided that as part of the authorisation process the merchant decided to cancel the order as they didn’t want to accept the liability shift :disappointed_relieved:

It’s a bit difficult to know for sure as I can’t see your account, but feel free to reach out to us if you’d like us to look into this further :pray:

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One for ?

Thank for your response Hugh.

Obviously I’d like to think it’s not human error, but these things happen. I think I will contact support, if for no other reason than to provide some clarity.

I plan on changing my payment details to Monzo once the account is set up, so it hasn’t been that big of a deal, more of a minor inconvenience. It would still be nice to know the reason.


I recently ordered a Vodafone contract via with my Monzo account and had no problems, so I don’t think it’s a Vodafone issue.

But yeah worth asking to see what they can see about it on their end, good luck with sorting it all out :+1:

If a credit check is done, would they reject if your bank didn’t match what you put on the application? Would be concerned if Monzo don’t report to all agencies and if I put down that I’m Monzo for X years and the company check say, Experian, they wouldn’t see Monzo.

Cheers Jacko.

I looked into and found an order status page. It turns out that my order using my legacy bank was pending a human looking at it, so hadn’t been authorised yet either.

I contacted Vodafone and it would appear that the order never reached them. So purely a decision, which they will not elaborate on. They are closed all day Sunday and state in an automatic email response that they are experiencing a very high number of orders and are currently 72 hours behind.

As they are closed on Sunday and the deal is only open until Monday, I have emailed them to cancel my 2nd order also and instead popped into Carphone Warehouse to order a similar deal face to face. All went through fine, although I have to admit to using my legacy bank just to be sure.

The CPW guy was telling me it has been ridiculously busy this weekend and most people have been signing up to Vodafone.

I may never know what caused the rejection, but with a Re-mortgage due soon, I didn’t want to take any chances.

Thanks to all for your suggestions and advice.

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