Looking For A New Phone

Family member wants a dual sim active phone ( both sim cards on at the same time )
One sim for work and one sim for personal. NOT DUAL SIM PASSIVE

Must have both sim cards running at the same time
£300 budget
Must be unlocked

Any ideas ?


OnePlus 7


I second One Plus, that was going to be my suggestion too.:iphone::sparkles:

But sadly not in OP’s requested budget. :tired_face:

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I live outside of the UK now it’s cheaper here (significantly), how about the Huawei P20 Lite or the Mi A2?

The Mi A2 especially seems to be quite good because it has dual 4G SIM slots and runs pure Android.

Seems to be a relatively good phone for the price.

The huawei p20 light. Is it dual aim active? So both sim cards can run at the same time?

I have an Honor 8x. Very happy with it. Was £200 last November. Loads of options in the dual sim settings

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The honor 20 lite looks good too.
How do i find out if the phone is dual sim active ?

Virtually all newish phones are dual SIM active.


I don’t think you’d want to buy a Huawei now though it’s not certain it will continue working with Google services going forward.


These are the settings options on the Honor 8x

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Ok thanks @yonny24 that looks like the one

Can you confirm it runs both sim cards at the same time without having to switch over ? ( To receive phone calls )

I receive both calls and texts from both numbers (both active) if that is what you need to confirm. Also when sending texts I can select from which number it uses.

Default calling sim option has 3 options. sim1/sim2/not set. Not sure if you want to make calls and choose from which sim each time. Maybe if you choose ‘not set’ it will give you the option when you make the call.

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Thank you ! That looks like what they will go for.

Last question, it is android and can access the google play store for Whatsapp ETC ?

I imagine the settings will be universal for the Honor and Huawei phones. Maybe someone else with a Huawei can chime in.

Yes android and yes all google services and updates. But this 8x model does not have the C type charging cable which is a downside. I believe the newer models do. It is also BIG! But the battery is excellent. I don’t commute so not an issue for me

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Ok. Honor 8X it is then


Maybe have a look at the Samsung A9 also. Bit more in price but double the memory at 128Gb, 6Gb Ram also. A series are very nice. My in-law has just bought an A9.

Huawei and Honor devices may be banned from using Google Play services in the future and may or may not be able to get android updates. Keep this in mind when buying.

Won’t that just affect the new devices post " huawei/honor " ban ?

The only app they really need is whatsapp

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It’s very unknown right now. People have been selling their own Huawei devices like hot cakes. Better safe than sorry.

The information released wasn’t clear on that. Google can just block the devices if they want or are required to.

Huawei though have their own OS apparently almost ready to take over anyway so it shouldn’t be much of an issue. I believe it is comparable with android apps as well.

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