I'm looking for people with sky mobile and an iphone to see if their 4g calling now works

hi everyone if any of use on here have sky mobile and have Iphones please message me i need some help

I don’t have Sky Mobile but worked in television-communications a few years ago. I might be able to help?

im looking for people with sky mobile and an iphone to see if there 4g calling now works as i joined them last month and couldnt use it as a message would keep popping up about battery life but i dont get that now and wanna see if anyone as there 4g calling turned on there iphone with sky mobile

SkyMobile have a help forum, you may have more luck there.

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I see, I can’t help you with that. Just as Revels said

I would check on there and see if you can get an answer faster :slightly_smiling_face:

they dont know it only says on there side samsung but ive had 1 person tell me it works but i wanna see if more then 1 person has been able to connect to 4g calling

If people are unsure go direct to Sky. Give them a call and they will tell you for certain whether it will or wont.

as i just said thery dont even know
ok ive spent most my day on phone to a bunch of people who work for them but dont even know so i thought i would come ask on here

The Sky Help page does not list iPhones as being compatible with 4G calling:

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yh i know that’s what i told them but they said it could be the latest apple update so that’s why i’m asking as well

Which iPhone do you have?

the new iphone se but as i said last month i took the sim out with sky it didnt work then kept giving me a message and now its not popping up with the message i use to get

For what it’s worth, the Apple website also does not list Sky as supporting VoLTE (4G calling):

You can check in your iPhone settings, if you go to Settings > Mobile Data > Voice & Data.

yh but its strange how it working on my phone and 1 other person im hoping some people on here are with sky and can check for me

o2 which is their parent network has the new se listed at compatible, so it should come to sky sometime soon :crossed_fingers:

Also go to

And put your postcode in and see if your area even has 4g calling on o2
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that list was last month as i said it didnt work last month but as started working this month so that list wont show sky as it as last month it wasnt working

sky have told me it could be working now due to the latest software update

Can you turn it on in settings?

yh i can i just wanna know if other people with iphones on sky mobile can turn it on as well

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Looking for people specifically on Sky with an iPhone SE is quite niche , as above best off asking on the sky forum.