Personal banking service quality - February 2023

They’ve publicly stated what their customer numbers are. They’re above two million IIRC. (That’s unique customers, not accounts) and billions (10 I think) in deposits. The news was shared back in the Chase thread (I’m sure it was you who asked for the data too!).

Edit: remembered it wrong, but was close:

1 million customers and 10 billion in deposits (both are likely to be higher now if the trajectory they’re on has held. So 2 million will be close if they’re not already there. It wasn’t you who asked for it, but you did reply to a quote referencing the customer numbers.


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It was rhetorical! Halifax in second position? :exploding_head:

Halifax have a noticeable branch presence here and advertise heavily on tele. It’s nice to see Monzo and starling do so well but there will be a large section who still want branch services. I think the northern Irish only banks fell behind a long way with their digital offerings so others picked it up. Halifax, Santander and nationwide are common, hsbc and Barclays don’t have many branches.

In conclusion we are just bloody odd over here


I’d get an AIB account if I could apply online like Ulster and Bank of Ireland. Danske doesn’t accept non–NI addresses.

AIB in Ireland accepts online applications :rage:

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