Personal banking service quality - February 2023

People still think moving banks is too difficult, even though it isn’t. Also, banking with them isn’t actually that bad so no real need to move - but people still give them low scores as an emotively-driven “revenge” for the financial crisis!

I know, but that’s probably what most of their customers think! I also doubt that they realise how much worse Co-op bank is when compared to other banks. They really do come up short.

That’s not true by any measure I’m aware of! Certainly not the official IPSOS Mori survey.

Also, they hardly have any branches left which is pretty useless if you want a branch-based bank account.


Just realised the table on Starling’s website using the fingerprint logo for First Direct

whilst Santander’s table doesn’t


What a messy brand identity.


I’ve switched off to what awards this and that get, all pointless at the end of the day.

Does my banking app do what I need, yes. That’s all I need.


I don’t really care either. Perfectly happy with Santander, yet they never come out too well in these surveys, but I’m not going to change my bank based on what other people think.

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The survey’s more intended to help give a rough sense of how good various banks are if you are already considering a switch, rather than an argument to leave an existing bank the customer may be happy with.

It’s a helpful tool, I’d say, but not one to be taken too seriously.


I know that it is more for new customers, but the same kinda logic applies. If it was a bad bank, I wouldn’t want others to join it and I would therefore leave it.

They are limited but do give a general picture of how people normally view the bank (apart from RBS, which never does well in the survey but does get good feedback most of the time).

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Surely they have it to more decimal places they just don’t show it on the graphic?


I think that is the reasoning given in the methodology.


Another thing I do wonder is: when will Chase feature in the survey?

They have been picking up customers with the cashback offer, and must be close to the threshold by now. I assume Revolut would also make an appearance, if they had their banking license.


Which, to me, seems to be farther and farther away each day


Do you know what the criteria for inclusion are?

I’m slightly sceptical on Chase customer numbers. Despite advertising campaigns (and David Tennant) and a reasonably compelling financial offer, they seem to have no traction outside of forums like this. But there’s really no evidence either way.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens then they offer CASS. If they don’t offer a switching bribe then I can see lots of folk using them as a donor account…


The thresholds are in the methodology information:

There is probably a bit of lag between a bank meeting the criteria and actually being included in the results, as presumably they start asking about them once they meet the criteria but wait until they have a full 12 months of data before they actually report on them - as per the other banks featured?

I imagine they will introduce a CASS-out ban on re-opening a new account for a certain period of time as Starling and Monzo have done.

Thanks! I knew they’d be in there but was wondering if you knew the summary. Not to worry - I’m not interested enough to look it up! :joy:

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Not off the top of my head!

Anyway, I’ve found it, with an extra few clicks. Here you go:

GB PCA market to Brands with more than 150,000 Active PCAs in GB

NI PCA market to Brands with more than 20,000 Active PCAs in NI

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Revolut did appear in the Which? Banking ranking thing they did.

Bit down the page, does explain its run on an e-money licence.

Their scoring involves ~50 people for each to score somewhat fairly.

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Interestingly, they also specifically note that RBS have moved up the table on the Which? survey since last year!

Perhaps we will eventually see a similar change on the IPSOS Mori survey, especially given it’s renewed Scottish focus as a brand - where RBS is, in general, probably seen more favourably.

Also to note

So it seems Monzo won’t be recommended unless they sign up to the Authorised Push Payment Scam Code.

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I always find the overdraft thing a bit odd to rate, why not Credit Cards and other lending?

FD always comes out on top because it’s 0% at least for the first £250 isn’t it? Surely that’s the only reason people vote. If another bank has charges if it’s used then they’ll drop down in the rankings so seems pretty redundant as a metric for me

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It’s worth remembering that the respondents to the surveys above aren’t being asked to score or rate the banks or their features, but rather they are being asked if they would recommend the banks to other people. There is an important distinction there.

Even if a customer thinks there is nothing wrong with their bank, it doesn’t mean they would go so far as to recommend that bank to someone else, many people just won’t care enough about the bank they are using to do that.

To me this makes a 80%+ score all the more impressive and a 90%+ score somewhat impossible in the real world. That shouldn’t stop anyone from trying to achieve it though.


Agreed. And I think this is the only practical way to do this survey. You can’t really ask customers to provide a rating for features as most people don’t have accounts at multiple banks so won’t have enough points of reference to do that.