Personal Banking Service Quality - February 2024



GB Overall Service Quality Changes

Here are the changes from August 2023 for the Overall Service Quality in GB:

Monzo No Change
Starling Bank -1%
First Direct -1%
Nationwide +2%
Halifax +2%
Metro Bank -1%
Lloyds Bank -1%
Santander +2%
Barclays -5%
Bank of Scotland -1%
Natwest -4%
TSB +5%
The Co-Operative Bank +1%
Virgin Money No Change
Royal Bank of Scotland No Change

Not much change in the scores overall. Only ones to improve are Nationwide, Halifax, Santander, TSB, and the Co-Operative Bank.

Biggest changes are TSB, which has gained 5%, and Barclays, which has lost 5%. Natwest also faced a larger loss compared to other banks at 4%.


Nationwide in 4th place

Nationwide always do well in these. What surprises me more is Nationwide beating Natwest in the online and mobile banking services category when Natwest has one of the best apps and Nationwide one of the worst.


How come Chase still aren’t included in these? They have more customers than Starling had when they were first included. They’re only a few hundred thousand personal banking customers behind them now with the gap between them and Metro being even smaller.


Don’t you have to sign up to be in these? Maybe chase didn’t sign up yet? This could be entirely wrong.

Taken from their website IPSOS

Participating providers: Bank of Scotland, Barclays, first direct, Halifax, HSBC UK, Lloyds Bank, Metro Bank, Monzo, Nationwide, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, Starling Bank, The Co-operative Bank, TSB, Virgin Money.

I thought it was a mandatory thing for banks of a certain size, given that they have to display these results prominently on their website?

If it was opt in I can’t fathom why RBS would bother. It just embarrasses them.

This is the criteria I can find.

PCA means Personal Current Account.


Looking at it, it does look like an opt in kinda thing. But once opted in no opt out maybe?

The language that the banks use makes it seem voluntary, i.e. “requested” etc, but if so, why would banks even do it as they probably already know they wouldn’t be seen as better than many of their rivals.

I would therefore assume they had to do it, but then nothing seems to suggest that they do.

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I can only ping @sebh (sorry) again! If anyone’s likely to know the answer it’ll be him!