Percentages in 'Your spending' screen

(JoeO) #1

Hi -

Something very simple (and it might have been mentioned before)…

It would be nice if, as well as showing the amounts per category/per merchant there was an option to show the percentages. In essence it is gives you the same analysis that a pie chart would give you (i.e. relative spends) without the imprecision/complexities of a pie-chart.

Loving Mondo so far especially as I travel a lot.

P.S. Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section.

Percentage spend
(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Hey, thanks a lot for sharing this. This is exactly the place to post your suggestions. Keep them coming!

Just before xmas we explored “the percentage route” and so far we couldn’t find any solution that really please us. These are the kind of things we were considering…

Anyway, I take your point, you want a better way to understand proportions on different categories and that makes total sense. We’ll work harder to answer that need :slightly_smiling:

(JoeO) #3

Thanks for the response Hugo (and for sharing the pictures - which look great).

So a couple of further comments:

1 - I would actually favour a simple print out of the percentage rather than trying to do something visual.

Merchant 1 £200 58%
Merchant 2 £100 29%
Merchant 3 £30 10%
not as visually attractive but communicates perfectly.

2 - I love the little delta indications (I presume these indicate the amount of change since the last period).

Cheers Hugo

(Hugo Cornejo) #4

I totally hear you.

The problem with “naked” percentages is that it’s hard to relate them from month to month (you can’t compare proportions if you don’t have the order of magnitude). Apart of that I’m a bit afraid on the classic “financial implications” of percentages, typically associated with rates and fees… that’s one of the reasons why we’re keeping it just in pounds for now. But we’ll try new ways to improve it, for sure.

Regarding the deltas, yes, that’s exactly the purpose but we thought it was a bit overwhelming to present so many numbers and things going on in the same room… even though we have different layers of information we were concerned that the output could be a bit chaotic. That’s why for now we’re keeping it quite simple (and probably a bit less powerful that could potentially be) :slightly_smiling:

Percentage spend