More statistics

Because hardly any transactions are cash anymore I find it hard to see just how much things are costing me. I think more stats could help with that.


  • You spend 37% of your salary on Direct Debits
  • 12% of your salary was on Groceries
  • Your spending on eating out has gone up by 6%

You could then question big purchases to see if you could really afford it. For example if I wanted to spend £800 on a new laptop how would that leave me for the rest of the month. Could I afford to spend X% of my salary on this.

I’m sure Monzo already have this data (it just needs formulating) so maybe this could be done at the end of the month every month in a report on the summary tab?


Sounds like you’d benefit from something like Money Dashboard, once they roll out Monzo support - which should be any day now.

I used to use it a lot back when I was with First Direct and found the Planner very handy for seeing how theoretical purchases would balls things up for me - and then making those purchases anyway.

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This is so me :rofl:

Not heard of Money Dashboard so I’ll check it out, thanks!

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More stats like this the better!

I’m sure more will come along in the future

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