Spending data visualisation

(Ashley Bye) #1

Would it be possible to show spending data as graphs? I like that I can view lists, but I’d love to be able to easily see how the various categories stack up against each other with a quick visual.


A nice, easy to see at a glance, pie chart!


+1 for this. The line graph tracking balance isn’t very interesting.

What about some bar charts showing spending versus income each month, overall, and for each category?

If you look at Danske Bank’s app it has this function and it works really really well!

(Dave Hopton) #5

Can you remember what he proposed instead? For some people these graphs will be really interesting and motivate them to change behaviour, but I wonder if his issue is that there are lots of people for whom it won’t have any impact.

(Patrick) #7

I haven’t seen Tom writing about pie charts on this forum but Hugo is definitely a critic and I would tend to agree with him on this.