Monthly spend by Merchant

Hi Guys - I’m pretty sure this won’t be a new request but it would be REALLY great to see my monthly (or daily/yearly) spend by merchant. The current budget report/summary where you can view by type of spend like ‘Eating Out’ is great but - for me anyway - it would be really useful to have this additional info.

If it’s just me that cares about this then I’ll get back in my box :blush::man_shrugging:

You can use the search function for to get a rough idea at the moment.

You also get additional info if you click on one of the transactions.

Don’t you see this if you tap a transaction from a merchant and scroll down? “Total Spent”?

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Hi - you do but that’s your spend from Day 1. If there’s somewhere you have a lot of transactions with then it’s obviously more difficult to calculate the total spend in any given month.

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DOH. Totally missed this time split you mentioned… as you were! (More caffeine for me)

Haha, I’m already on cup number two! :dizzy_face:

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This is my problem, only just finished #1

if you search “merchant” ( the shopfront icon ) - pick your merchant from the list , and then type in several fields ie pick this year / last year - then add Aug / Mar etc the total spent will be at the bottom - it narrows it down a bit ???

Hi - thanks for the tip - I’m having trouble filtering it that much as can only manage to just search for one filter (e.g. ‘pret a manger’ or ‘june’) but not sure how to add a second filter?

Once I get this working it will definitely be useful (thanks again) though it still seems a few too many steps for something that could be presented straight up in some form.

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just type in the search box after pret …Mar…or whichever month you want to search for this year , or add last year , then Mar for last years spending in march at pret :slight_smile: -

I think its quite difficult to present info that everybody wants , because everybody will want different info for different months or different years etc etc , yes I agree there are a few steps to find the info though

Ian (I think it’s Ian, forgive me if not), you appear to be talking to a total Muppet. I can’t for the life of me get it to work and I don’t know why. I am clearly not meant for any kind of adulting on Monday mornings. I can only apologise.

I literally type ‘sainsburys june’ and nothing comes up - see attached screenshot. Am I being totally stupid? Please do say yes if so…

Also, I totally agree that it’s impossible to give everyone what they want as people have different requirements. I know Starling have this table in their app - see other pic - that’s what I crave. It could literally just be me though…:man_shrugging:



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The features that others are referring to are only available on the iOS app which is why you’re struggling to find what others are talking about. Monzo have never developed the iOS search features for Android so unfortunately you only have the option of basic text search


sorry , I am referring to iOS - nasty apple devices :slight_smile:

Ahhhh, now it makes sense!. Thanks for clearing that up. I switched to Android last year but if Apple get their act together with their cameras then I’ll be back later this year. Maybe I’ll just switch back for the additional search functionality in Monzo!!


Haha no probs!

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This is really rubbish that it’s not available on Android. I saw another thread where there was an option for viewing spending by category or by merchant but that doesn’t seem to work either.

I want to see how much of my expenses budget this month was tfl but apparently there’s no way of doing that on Android.

Is that really true???

Can’t you just use the search function.

Or click View Summary > Expenses?