Percentages for Each Category of Spending Period

Apologies if this has been posted or covered elsewhere - I am currently in the process of going #FullMonzo and I am very excited!

Is it currently feasible to see a percentage breakdown of each spending category over the month/spending period, like on Starling? ie. 54% eating out, 20% transport etc. If this isn’t available, are there any plans to implement this type of functionality? :grinning:


Yes, I agree! This is the one major thing that’s been bugging me about Monzo. The summary page just seems satisfactory to me. I really think adding percentage spending per category would be useful. For example, if I saw that 40% of my funds were being spent on Eating out, it would be easier for me to see that I need to cut back on it

Hi @Racho I’ve moved your post here to keep the chat all in one place. I’d also love this, the more insights the better.

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I definitely agree that a better system for representing what proportion of your money is spent where would be useful. Shame this was included in the release from labs as it’s a simple yet useful feature