Pending transaction status for 17 days

Ordering on M&S website, goto the confirm payment with monzo but site went down so order didn’t go through. Confirmed this with M&S. This was 17 days ago and the pending transaction status is still showing on my account so still don’t have access to the funds. Put this on Monzo chat but still not had any answers on the chat service yet?

Might be wrong but I think the merchant has 30 days before it’ll be automatically released and the auth token expires for them to be able to capture any payment.

A couple years ago Monzo would have instantly released the funds on chat, and said the merchant may still claim the funds just to cover themselves. You might have more of a battle these days.

I think it is 30 days as mentioned above.

If you tap into the transaction, scroll to the bottom and tap ‘something wrong, get help’ it will guide you through the steps and will inform you of the process :slight_smile:

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